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freelance seoPreviously, Adam had worked in-house for agencies and performed freelance SEO work on the side.  However, in 2016 he left the agency he was at to go on his own full time, and founded Wormann Consulting.  So, technically he is no longer doing “freelance SEO.”  However, what wound up emerging is a “best of both worlds” scenario.

First, Wormann Consulting does do nearsource work for local agencies.  Instead of outsourcing to other countries and getting questionable work back, agencies in the area are nearsourcing work to Wormann Consulting in order to expand their own capacity for their clients.  In the past two years, Wormann Consulting has earned a reputation for being one of the premier go-to digital marketing providers for agencies.

For work provided directly to clients, there is a change, but not much.  Instead of performing all work alone, being stretched thin, and relying on the resources and mind of one person, Adam now has a small team that can help bring out the best for clients.  But, as a small agency with little overhead, Wormann Consulting is able to still offer a significant cost savings, providing a happy medium for some who are still close to a “freelance” budget.

Freelance type SEO services typically include:

-SEO Consulting and Site Reviews
-Blogging and Content Writing
-Press Releases
-Marketing and Link Building
-Digital Reputation Managment
-PPC Management
-Social Media Account Management

And after all that, if we’re still not a good fit for you because you really just need a little help at a lower cost, we do have relationships with other freelancers in the area that we would be happy to recommend.

Please Contact Adam for more information about NJ Freelance SEO services.

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