Get Social

Yes, I’m a social media nerd.  I enjoy this stuff, I use it a lot.  Maybe you do too.  If you’re interested, you’re free to stalk my uninteresting life through social media:


Afraid that friendship isn’t legit without Facebook? Well, we can be Facebook friends. Here I talk a little more about what’s going on personally, and share some things that I think are fun, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy.


Want to know what I’m eating for breakfast? I probably won’t get that granular. Want to hear thoughts on what’s going on in the industry, Liverpool Football (Soccer), or other current events? Well, good thing you can follow me here on Twitter! It’s not one way either – I like to try to actually connect with people on twitter, and converse a little more from a professional standpoint (a little less personal than the stuff on Facebook).


Looking for something a little more formal?  Are we more like “business associates” than “college buddies?”  We get get all professional and hook up on LinkedIn.  Postings aren’t as frequent here, but I’ll always check messages and it’s a good place to connect.

google_plus_shadowI’m going to take a guess that you’re not on Google Plus, even though Google probably says you are.  Well, if you’re actually using Google Plus, congrats!  You can hook up with me here too.  Maybe we can hang out!


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