Facebook Best Practices

The guys from Media Bleep (which I just found out is their new name – it used to be media salt), just had a grate post today about Facebook best practices for church.  I think it really translates well to any business type application of Facebook though (meaning just about anything besides a personal account).  Basic points were:

facebook best practices
-Encourage conversation
-Affirm people
-Post interesting and relevant topics
-Find a rhythm
-Recruit volunteers

They actually did a great job with the post.  It’s short, and I’d encourage you to check it out if you have a few: Facebook Best Practices

And based on that, I’m curious – do you interact with brand pages on Facebook?  Besides “liking” a company page, do you ever post on their walls or engage in any other conversation/activity beyond hitting the “like” button?  Let me know, I’m curious.


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