The World According To Google

Google has a function that most people are aware of called “auto complete.”  When you type something into the Google search bar, the suggestions that Google gives are based on the most common searches for the text you have typed in so far.  Some of the results in the past have been basically horrifying, though I haven’t seen some of those results lately.

Auto complete  is exceptionally useful for doing keyword research (trying to figure out what to base your content around based on what people are searching for) and to see what people are looking for based on your name or business.  Sometimes, auto complete is limited because there just aren’t enough closely related searches (sorry, you’re not as popular as you think you are).

How Do People See Where You Live?

So, the next fun experiment is “How do people see the world based on what they type into Google.”  Here are the results.  If you find any more interesting ones, leave them in the comments and let me know.

1. Americans

Way to go, America. You’re the Rosanne Barr of the world. (Yes, I make old references. It’s how I roll.)

2. Asians

Get to design the rides at Disney Land, but not ride them. And apparently, of higher character than Americans.

3. Canadians

Sorry if this is offensive, but I’ve never even heard the word hab, let alone know what it is, or why it’s that commonly searched. At least nice is above it!

4. English

England’s contribution to the world: bad teeth.

5. French



Skinny rude people.  Compared to fat rude Americans.

6. Germans

germanyStarting to sense a theme developing here.  Interesting that there’s nothing else about Germany here, especially being the only financially stable European nation.


7. Koreans


Wait, you can be good at lol?  How does that happen?

8. Mexicans

mexicansSo, Asians with big families.

9. Russians



Okay, every nation is rude, but at least Russians get the fun of being crazy and tough (bad driving probably goes along with that).

Remember, these are just based on common searches and what’s showing up in Google’s autocomplete, it’s really not a commentary.  In fact, people have gone through great lengths to change these as well (see: How Romanians Went from Ugly to Smart).  The big takeaway here is, what does Google autocomplete say about you?  It’ll tell you a lot about how you’re seen.

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